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Heavy Truck Alignment

Hunter Engineering WinAlign DSP760T HD Truck and Trailer Alignment System

  • Vehicles Must Have 19.5" Rims or Bigger

  • Medium Duty Trucks

  • Box Trucks

  • Heavy Trucks

  • Buses


Enhanced Fuel Efficiency & Reduce Tire Wear

  • An alignment can help you save money on fuel because your wheels are running at their best efficiency and using the minimum amount of fuel necessary. Instead of rolling smoothly as planned, tires that are out of alignment cause some dragging on the road, requiring more fuel to operate. 

  • It's estimated that over 70% of the trucks on the road have tandem axles that are misaligned.

  • Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tire wear on all axles. Total alignment sets all wheels parallel.  This can add thousands of miles to tire life.

Improve Handling

  • Proper alignment is necessary for optimum handling characteristics - contributing to increased safety and reduced driver fatigue, especially on ice and snow.

  • Driving with your tires out of alignment can damage your vehicle's suspension, steering, and other components. Alignment allows you to keep your vehicle in top operating shape and save money on repairs.

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Signs A Vehicle Needs An Alignment

  • Steering wheel drifting: If the steering wheel is pulling to the right or left while a vehicle is traveling down the road, this can be a sign of misalignment. Keeping the wheel straight shouldn’t require a lot of effort.

  • Abnormal tire wear: As mentioned above, a misaligned vehicle can cause abnormal wear and tear on tires. The tread might start to prematurely come off in unusual wear patterns.

  • Steady and increased vibration: Vibrations in the steering wheel can be caused by tires that are out of balance or misaligned.

  • The vehicle was involved in an accident.

  • Other signs include noisy steering or squealing tires.

  • At Sanders Service, our mechanics understand all scenarios and symptoms of misalignment on heavy trucks. Our state-of-the-art truck and trailer alignment system quickly and efficiently locates misalignment issues. Our computerized alignment system is operated by trained mechanics.​

  • Routine commercial truck alignments can help improve irregular tire wear that accumulates over thousands of miles. As part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program, scheduling routine commercial truck alignments every 50,000 to 60,000 miles is suggested to keep your fleet operating in top conditions.

Let us help you keep your operating costs down and your commercial trucks driving and handling true. 

Heavy Truck Alignment: Services
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